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Connector(opts)Create a network view, and network:.. Objects Interface-----------------All top level objects support interface for CRUD operations.List of supported objects is defined in next section.- ``create(cls, connector, check_if_exists=True, update_if_exists=False, **kwargs)`` Creates object on NIOS side.Additionally, this document assumes a general understanding of global server load balancing techniques, functions, and features.

in the TCP/IP settings of the network interface: As much as it may appear strange, this is the only solution to ensure Windows will register both the A and the PTR records for a DHCP network connection; otherwise, it will only register the A record. sends option 81 and its fully qualified domain name to the DHCP server and requests the DHCP server to register a pointer resource record (PTR RR) on its behalf.image:: branch=master :target: image:: image:: branch=master :target: code:: python import logging logging.basic Config(level=logging. DEBUG)Low level API, using connector module~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Retrieve list of network views from NIOS:.. badge=latest Client for interacting with Infoblox NIOS over WAPI.* Free software: Apache license* Documentation: https://infoblox-client.code:: python from infoblox_client import connector opts = conn = connector.Connector(opts) # get all network_views network_views = conn.get_object('networkview') # search network by cidr in specific network view network = conn.get_object('network', )For these request data is returned as list of dicts:.. Host Record.create(conn, name='new_host', ip=my_ip, extattrs=ea)Set the TTL to 30 minutes:.. Host Record.create(conn, view='my_dns_view', name='', ip=my_ip, ttl = 1800)Create a new host record, from the next available IP in a CIDR, with a MAC address, and DHCP enabled:.. IPAllocation.next_available_ip_from_cidr('default', '') my_ip = objects. IP.create(ip=next, mac='aa:bb:cc:', configure_for_dhcp=True) host = objects. Host Record.create(conn, name='some.valid.fqdn', view='Internal', ip=my_ip)Reply from NIOS is parsed back into objects and contains next data:..

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