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For red pillers, this is the bitter “truth” of dating reality.A lot of misguided advice stems from this way of thinking, but the worst has to be the idea of negging, which is colloquially defined as “the technique of using a light insult wrapped in the package of a complement” in order to “gain and maintain the attention of women”.The company quickly grew its user base – by 2007 they had their first million paying users, and a few years after that they hit an impressive 13 million paying users across all networks.By early March 2010, the user base was growing at a rate of 300,000 per month, and new products were succeeding in increasing these numbers and expanding the user base.A year later, in May 2011, the company boasted 23 million members in 39 countries.

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The worst bit of dating advice to explode in popularity over the past decade is more of a mentality than a word of wisdom — specifically speaking, the “red pill” mentality that influences and is influenced by “pick up artist” culture.Spend just a few minutes in red pill culture and you’ll immediately smell the stench of true misogyny.To them, women are toys and if you can push their buttons in the right order at the right time, they’ll sleep with you. That’s enough proof to declare this tactic as absolutely terrible, isn’t it? Everyone who’s been in at least one relationship thinks they’re enough of an expert to offer their thoughts, but much of this so-called “insight” is regurgitated by people who have no business offering advice in the first place.In fact, some of the most popular bits of wisdom will achieve the opposite effect of what you’re going for.

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