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There are a lot of ways this happens and sometimes the methods just aren’t obvious.In every pregnancy a woman starts out with a 3-5% chance of having a baby with a birth defect. This sheet talks about whether exposure to the Zika virus may increase the risk for birth defects over that background risk.This information should not take the place of medical care and advice from your health care provider.Zika is a virus that is usually spread by infected mosquitoes.How Pregnancy Affects Your Heart Preparing for Pregnancy With a Heart Condition Your Pregnancy Risk With Specific Heart Conditions Common Q&As About Heart Disease and Pregnancy How Pregnancy Affects Your Heart Your heart has to pump 40 percent more blood to all of your organs during pregnancy, which means it has to work that much harder than normal.

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up to two-thirds of teen pregnancies occur within the context of a relationship with an abusive partner, and that girls who are survivors of dating violence are significantly more likely to become pregnant than are girls in relationships with non-violent partners.

Reproductive coercion refers to a pattern of behavior where a partner (typically male) attempts to force their (typically female) partner into getting pregnant as a means of controlling her and creating a lifelong bond, which will prevent her from leaving him.

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