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“There’s no greater group of people in a room who will band together and do everything possible…

theater people are really the most generous people in the world,” said Langella.

I gotta have a man with me.’Langella, who two decades later would be pursued by another desperately lonely, ageing movie star in the shape of Elizabeth Taylor, has now lifted the curtain on life among the biggest stars of stage and screen in a searingly frank and supremely bitchy new memoir.

One of America’s most celebrated stage actors, though best known in his Oscar-nominated role as disgraced president Richard Nixon in the recent hit film Frost/Nixon, Langella has laid bare — as only a privileged insider really can — the huge egos, crushing insecurity and, all too often, unpleasantness of stars worshipped by millions.

“This constant violence and sense of madness that seems to be pervading this country is terrifying.” After taking the stage to accept his best leading actor in a play statue for “The Father,” Langella urged the people of Orlando to “remain strong.” “When something bad happens we have three choices: we let it define us, we let it destroy us, or we let it strengthen us,” he said.

In the press room, Langella said he hoped the speech wasn’t “over the top,” but that he felt such “disgust, anger and tremendous pain” that he couldn’t stay silent.

After a 40-year career spent mainly offering silky support, he’s graduated to leading movie roles in the past six – first as a neglected novelist in Starting Out in the Evening (2007), then in his Oscar-nominated part as Tricky Dicky in Frost/Nixon (2008), and now as Frank, a retired cat burglar with wandering faculties in the lovely Robot and Frank.

The murders took place at Pulse, a Florida gay nightclub.The couple — playing mother and son in the film — spent every evening together in her rooms, working their way through endless bottles of bourbon and wine as she reminisced mournfully about the good old days.‘Don’t stare at me, baby.You can see me in the movies,’ she told him loftily one night, but when he left her for the last time after several weeks, Hayworth ran out to the car and pleaded: ‘Don’t leave me.In this gentle near-future fable, Frank is given a robot butler by his son (James Marsden) to help around the house.He can’t stand the intrusion, until he realises what a perfect accomplice the robot could be in returning to his old life of crime.

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