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Tori weeps, “I was so scared to have a daughter.” So sad.

In the end, Tori decides to go on the girls’ trip, but woman ruins everything — Dean’s friend back at home.

“It’s like having a very important stranger over at your house.” That’s how Dean Mc Dermott describes Tori Spelling‘s mother, Candy Spelling. And with none other than Tatum O’Neal — yes, it’s Tori and Dean are throwing a birthday party for their daughter, Hattie, and it seems that everyone is invited — or not invited, but still came. “She’s actually not the one I’m worried about seeing at this party,” Tori says about Mary Jo, alluding to mother.

(I’m talking Tatum O’Neal.) Dean’s ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace is also invited by none other than Tori herself. Candy always comes to her grand children’s birthday parties and that’s really the only time she sees her daughter — so this party is a bit awkward to say the least.

“The women in my life that I’ve had the most issues with, and there they are talking, and I don’t know what they’re talking about.

That makes me anxious.” After the party, Tori heads over to Dr. She’s supposed to go on a girls’ trip, but she’s so shaken up over Dean and her mother she can’t bare to go.

Tori and Candy exchange a few bizarre words, one being Tori asking why she brought Tatum (surprise! ), before accusing her of coming just to be on the show, and another prime moment was Tori introducing Dean’s ex-wife to her somewhat-estranged mother.

“Seeing Mary Jo and my mom talking, I can safely say, that is something I never thought I would see,” Tori says.

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Candy Spelling: No, and what you read in my book is what I really am. I was never modest, but as we get older we learn to speak what’s on our mind. From china to Lalique birds—not to mention the Cabbage Patch dolls, doilies, Fabergé eggs. Candy Spelling recently "downsized" from a 14-bedroom, 27-bathroom mansion to an 18,000-square foot penthouse overlooking the vast city of Los Angeles.Not many have had the privilege of exploring Spelling's glamorous new digs, but ET's Rob Marciano was one of the lucky few! The producer, author and widow of TV legend Aaron Spelling gave our co-host a personal tour of the breathtaking space, which she transitioned into after her children (Tori and Randy) left the nest and her husband passed.) was one of the most successful producers in television history. How about commissioning Sir Norman Foster to design a homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles called the Candy Spelling Homeless Shelter for the Less Fortunate? His wife of 38 years, Candy—a renowned philanthropist and Los Angeles civic leader in her own right—was with him every step of the way. You are my little girl, and in my eyes you will never do anything wrong.

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