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The city of Fulda sat on its namesake Fulda River in eastern Hessen, close to the border region with the former East Germany.Our draw to Fulda was precisely due to its former relevance as a Cold War frontier, and indeed our visit to Fulda was in conjunction with a trip to the border zone at Point Alpha just about fifteen minutes away, located on a hilltop overlooking the Fulda Gap.

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The only shame of the trip was that we hit it during an especially wintery time, getting pelted with sleet as we made our way to Mass in the Cathedral.In the early years of the company’s existence, the wool felt was already a very up-to-date material – and this is still the case today.As the majority shareholder, Christian Wirth takes over the factory.Indem Sie Ihren Besuch auf unserer Webseite fortsetzen, stimmen Sie der Verwendung von Cookies zu.Weitere Informationen über unsere Cookies und wie wir sie verwenden finden Sie hier.

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