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The world of facial exfoliators, scrubs, polishes and resurfacing liquids can be difficult to navigate, especially in these microbead-free times.

In case you haven’t heard, microbeads are those harmful little plastic pellets found inside so many face scrubs, that don't dissolve during water treatment and so end up in the ocean, causing major environmental nightmares and enough of an outcry to have them banned by 2017.

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Another variation of homemade facial coffee scrub for all skin types: Mix 1 table spoon of oatmeal with warm water (couple of table spoons of warm water will do) and wait for 5-10 minutes, till oats turn into a soft paste; then, add 1 table spoon of coffee grounds (from freshly brewed coffee).

With this in mind, we've evaluated the best of microbead-free face exfoliators, selecting the most effective products to suit all different skin types and lifestyles.

Different products also have different usage methods and recommendations – some daily, some twice a week, some alone or with other products – so be sure to read the packaging carefully for the best possible result. Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion: £40.00, Kiehl's Kiehl's consistently wins awards across their range for luxurious but effective skin treatment, but this is the ultimate in ultra-efficient exfoliation.

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