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Tracy's life stabilised when she married Robert Preston and moved to London in 1996, but six years later she returned to Weatherfield and moved back in with Ken and Deirdre.In the years between, Tracy had turned into a woman who treated life like a game, using and hurting others to satisfy her whims.He took a leadership role in various covert and undercover missions, and served as both CTU Director and Director of Field Operations at CTU Los Angeles. Jack lost his wife in the final hour of Day 1, was forced to fake his death and live in hiding (at the cost of a stable relationship with his daughter) in the aftermath of Day 4, sacrificed his freedom for a period of nearly two years after Day 5, became temporarily infected and debilitated by the Prion variant during Day 7, and ultimately lost his freedom after Day 9.

The story begins with her return to New York from boarding school.During the course of Day 9, Jack was given a full Presidential pardon for the crimes he committed four years prior, on Day 8, and for any crimes he had committed in assisting President James Heller to stop the drone attacks by Margot Al-Harazi; freeing him of his fugitive status in United States.However, he later surrendered himself to the Russians in exchange for his friend Chloe O'Brian.Dan and Serena finally get married in the series finale.Serena is regarded as the "it girl" of the Upper East Side.

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