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Things changed when she finally bought a computer, aged 21.“The first thing I did, I went on Ask Jeeves and I searched for ‘transsexual’.However, unlike the term transgender, transsexual is not an umbrella term, and many transgender people do not identify as such.Transsexual is a term for AFAB (assigned female at birth) and AMAB (assigned male at birth) people alike who feel their sex organs do not reflect their gender and have chosen to change some aspect of their body; it is an older term, with GLAAD stating that it is "still preferred by some people who have permanently changed - or seek to change - their bodies through medical interventions (including but not limited to hormones and/or surgeries)." Originally, the term trans men referred specifically to female-to-male transsexual people who underwent hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or sex reassignment surgery (SRS), or both.That was the first thing I searched for because it was information.” But she waited more than a decade before starting the transition process.'It was death or transition' “I would have periods where I’d be fine then I’d crash and climb back up and everything would be fine and I’d crash again,” she says.In the past, the app only allowed users to select “man” or “woman” when listing their genders on their profiles; now, it allows people to move beyond that binary choice.

The label of transgender man is not always interchangeable with that of transsexual man, although the two labels are often used in this way.I had this feeling of being disjointed from my life. I feel like someone’s plugged me in and switched me on. Hirst expected a barrage of online abuse for speaking up about being transgender. I was at a service station last week, I got hugged. I'm stood buying a sandwich and someone says, well done. “There have been a few keyboard warriors as I like to call them. “She wasn’t angry, but it kind of put me back in the closet a little bit,” explains Hirst.But instead, she’s received thousands of supportive messages. “I think for a short period of time I convinced myself it was cross-dressing. There was no internet so I just didn’t have the knowledge.” The lack of internet, which would seem inconceivable to teenagers now, meant that Hirst barely had any information about gender dysphoria, or what options were available to her.“Tinder’s update ameliorates the typical discomfort and stress that trans people experience around disclosure.Much of the violence that trans people encounter is in the context of sex and dating, and for us to be empowered with the tools to communicate who we are and on our own terms, is incredible.”Tinder isn’t the first social media company to shift away from the male-female gender binary.

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