Oracle validating xml against schema

It is implemented as an OBJECT type and contains various member functions for operating upon the content.It can also be used to validate against a defined XML Schema Document (XSD).But if you receive XML documents from another party, the validity of the documents has to be ascertained before the documents may be read and processed.This article by Deepak Vohra is about—validating an XML document with an XML schema.However validation only using a schema (XSD) only covers a small part: it can describe the basic XML structure (valid elements and order) and some basic content validation of a XML node.Schematron can be used to cover the remaining part of XML validation, like: Schematron, just like an XSD, is an XML document itself. The rule element has a context attribute to define on which node (or nodes) of your target XML the rule applies to.Before we discuss when to use which attribute, we need to define the target namespace.

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XML validation is often needed to ensure structure, content and relations are correct and valid.

If an XML document includes a reference to an XML schema, the XML document may be validated with the XML schema using the built-in feature.

An XML schema may be specified in an XML document using the xsi:no Namespace Schema Location attribute or the xsi:namespace Schema Location attribute.

The SQL/XML toolkit operates natively on XMLTYPE data.

Passing invalid XML data into an XMLTYPE variable will fail with an exception, generally ORA-31011: XML Parsing Failed along with other exceptions giving more information about what caused the problem.

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