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In this issue you’ll find favourites from designers like Carolina Herrera, Morgan & Oates, and Furla and Boss.With brands exclusive to our flights and items you can only buy on board, the Emirates duty free shopping experience is tailored to your jet-set lifestyle.Nevertheless, this was a ground-breaking early use of cyber-space to reach across international borders during a time of war.I think it is particularly notable because it grew out of our association via the mail art network, a long-distance communication precursor to what was then starting to take its place on the Internet and the World Wide Web .Earlier a police spokesman in Slovenia confirmed Ljubljana would start returning "economic migrants" arriving through neighbouring Croatia, saying it could only grant passage to those "from countries where there are armed battles".Hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers fleeing war and poverty have crossed the Mediterranean from Turkey to Greece.

Articles presented on Wikinews reflect the specific time at which they were written and published, and do not attempt to encompass events or knowledge which occur or become known after their publication.For a first-time visitor from EMU, it’s startling to realize that the hills lining Sarajevo – from which Bosnian-Serbian snipers and artillery terrorized Sarajevo for nearly four years in the early 1990s – are about as close to Sarajevo’s main street as EMU’s hill is to Harrisonburg’s Main Street.The constant barrage from the nearby hills killed 11,500 and wounded 50,000, almost all trapped civilians, many of them children.Jasmin Bambur: We're a very small community, as ski racers, and we're always great friends.So we kind of hang out together and help each other out.

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