Is shakira dating matt damon

Starring as a psychic who sees dead people in Clint Eastwood's Hereafter forced Matt Damon to question whether or not there's an afterlife."I'm hopeful. Maybe the light does just goes off," he says today.

Something expensive, though they’ll tell the press they ‘stayed-in and ate pizza because we’re such homebodies’ Dated: Dolores Fonzi The man that became famous for playing Che Guevara in Motorcycle Diaries spent many years in the loving embrace of Argentine actress Dolores Fonzi, before things went south and the couple separated in 2014.

Exchanging bachelorhood for his present-day status as father-of-four within just eight short years has certainly caused him to contemplate the meaning of life and death more than he would have otherwise.

"I think having children adds a whole other layer of where you start thinking a little deeper about your mortality," says the actor, who recently turned 40, indicating his prematurely-greying hair. I always say to them – this [grey hair] is all you and this side here is you! "Clint makes the other side of the hill look pretty appealing.

Some people even claim to have experienced the mysterious phenomenon themselves -- celebrities included!

From Shakira to Mariah Carey, these 10 stars have all shared their 'love at first sight' stories: For Melanie Griffith, it was love at first sight when she met sexy Spanish actor Antonio Banderas.

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