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They are not considered binding for the youth movement’s other 10,000-odd members, but do represent the movements’ highest ideals — covering observance of Shabbat and kashrut, and participation in regular Jewish study and synagogue services.

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These "time bombs," lead to higher divorce rates (sometimes twice as high! With far fewer long-term problems to deal with, same-faith marriages have a much higher chance of being happy and successful than comparable intermarriages.A few dozen Jewish teens compelled North American Jewry to collectively groan “Oy gevalt” in a chattering digital chorus this week.After a passionate debate until am at the annual international United Synagogue Youth convention in Atlanta Monday, in the culmination of a year’s research and study, some 42 USY leaders voted to amend its standards of leadership, adding clauses dealing with bullying and But the subject that has the Jewish world abuzz is the amended language for the clause dealing with interdating.You worry that interdating now will increase the likelihood that your kids will intermarry later. As you discuss interdating with your children, keep these things in mind. Estimates suggest that high school sweethearts comprise only 2% of new marriages, and a 2006 Harris Interactive survey found that only 14% of 18-27-year-olds met their partner in high school or college.Given the high levels of young adult dating violence, it’s more important that your child is in a healthy relationship than a relationship with someone of the same faith. Answer “yes” to some or all of these questions and it’s likely that your children have a solid Jewish identity and will make Jewish choices regardless of their partner’s religious identity. Prohibiting interdating won’t make Judaism important to your children, and unless you arrange their dates, you have little control over the identity of their romantic partners. Talk to your teens about why Judaism and its continuation are important to you.

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