Homestuck dating tumblr

One of our goals is that we have the Demo version of this out and ready to be downloaded some time in June.When it gets closer to being finished, we will make the date a more solid and definite thing. I’m the writer of this project and the one who started this idea about two years ago.While the original plan fell through, I’m happy to say that this project was revived with the help of Foxy-Sierra.

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I’m working on many different things but this simulator is one of my most fun projects.

There’s no way I’d be able to finish the game as I originally planned it by myself. I’m currently in the process of seeing if I can’t somehow recover at least some of it. (( this is the second time this freaking thing has corrupted my files.

I’m chucking it before it gives me a heartattack…)) Hey guys! :3 running the game as I had it through the beta testers revealed a LOT of problems so I have been slowly working on addressing everything. This is also a possible fix for people with this problem.

I’ll sign asks I answer with either Exomnis or Chris.

I’m currently studying animation in college, and as much as I love drawing, my blog is kinda scarce of that at the moment.

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