Exterior home updating

Cover up the vents on your gables with stylish louvers.Don't have a vent to replace with louvers, but still love the style? How about installing a exterior trim around the front door or windows?Though not all are "antique", Antique Home includes resources, articles, and cool stuff about older homes.If your home was built before 1965, you´ll be able to find useful information here. Send us a picture of your old house and information about when it was built.Brackets dont have to be structural, no matter where you see them.Often, theyre not functional at all, but are merely architectural details made to look like a part of a structure.

Small details – like the exposed rafters under the roof and the stone cladding over the bases of the columns – make a huge impact on this home's exterior appearance.A range of styles is shown including the traditional, but very popular, Colonial Revival and its kin, many permutations of the Craftsman-style bungalow, and a nifty English Tudor designed to be added onto as one's finances allowed.We've published about 15 different homes that provide a taste of IMT's range. Dozens of companies, large and small, jumped on the bandwagon. Fenner opened his lumber business in Portland, Oregon in 1912 and by 1916 offered his Ready Built houses as kits.In addition to the national players like Aladdin and Sears, there were many small companies with regional markets. The company apparently did reasonably well for about ten years, moving in about 1918 to a new factory with both rail and river access in North Portland.However, the company either sold out or folded by 1928.

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