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As you can guess from the story’s title, the whole point of the blackmail is to force Wendy to expose herself in public and thus realize, “by proxy”, Nancy’s exhibitionistic fantasies, which she was never able to act out herself.The original series was first posted on the ASN Stripping Forum by an author named Falcon and after he abandoned the story he gave me permission to continue it.Although this story makes references to events in previous chapters I believe it works well enough as a standalone story to be enjoyable to those unfamiliar with the rest of the story.” The Reluctant Exhibitionist – Temperature’s Rising Nancy Johnson was beside herself with anticipation as she scrubbed the countertop around the kitchen sink.The counter was already spotless and Nancy knew she was just burning off nervous energy waiting for Wendy’s arrival this afternoon.Calm down, she told herself, or you’re going to have a nervous breakdown before Wendy ever makes it to graduation.

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