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This is a great way to bring recognition to the Wright name once again to a younger crowd who may not even pick up a history book or believe that architecture is boring as hell, this brings it up a notch.This is just in time for the Wright’s 150th birthday this way people outside of the Architecture world and Oak park, Il can learn about him and after a couple of drinks celebrate his great architecture.That has been the victim of neglect, white flight, Corrupt racial politics (on both sides), economic disparities and no city\village planning whatsoever.It has over the years created an Environment that is a personal hell for some, as a personal oasis for others in where the privileged can practice their snootiness and raise their own fragile egos above the masses, and prove their intelligence to at least themselves.Topics will include your spiritual connection, your physical connection and your emotional connection.

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While ESTATE definitely attracts a good-looking crowd, the vibe at this particular rooftop bar is slightly more chill and approachable than its Downtown counterparts.

I have always said that the village of Oak Park, IL should try to do something that is small business related to their so-called legendary heroes of Hemingway and Wright.

But a Heisler Hospitality and Jim Meehan collaboration will do so, in… They are bringing a bar that pays tribute to the architecture of Frank Floyd Wright in the loop, taking away any chance or originality on the part of anyone in Oak Park, Il coming behind them and doing right or even first.

Besides the weather I really like the city, the skyline, the night life and there is always stuff to do.

I have lived in Dallas, Socal, NY and Denver,because my job requires alot of travel.

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